Ten bathroom trends for 2022

If you’re thinking that your bathroom might need a refresh here are ten bathroom trends to consider for the new year.

Textured Tile

Rough, coarse, smooth, or silky… the texture is an integral part of any design and your bathroom tiles are no exception. If you’re looking for a new way to redefine your space, consider the latest trend in home design: geometric and textured tiles with 3D effects. This innovative approach changes the walls and adds depth and dimension to so many surfaces. Get creative by mixing high gloss with matte. Or if you want something really expressive, geometric shapes are going to be popular in trending bathrooms in 2022.

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Textured backsplash tile

Doorless Shower

Chic doorless showers are popping up everywhere right now. Although it’s been around since the day of time, this type of shower has increased in popularity because it’s functional and beautiful. You may want to consider adding a doorless shower when renovating your next bathroom.

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Pink is back

With so many bathroom colours to choose from, pink is the one that continues to surge in popularity with incredibly trendy pink bathrooms popping up all over your social feeds. The pastel tones of a pink color scheme can set a sweet and mysterious mood, while a dusty rose hue can create a sexy and mysterious atmosphere. A pink color scheme can also energize a space with a coral hue. Pink is back and defiantly a key bathroom trend for 2022.

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Natural Textures

Designing with raw, earthy tones and textures has been a popular trend in 2021 and will continue to rise in popularity in 2022. The beautiful outdoors is really inspiring some homeowners to integrate the warm earth tones in their bathroom tiles and cabinets.

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FreeStanding Tub

Traditionally freestanding tubs were seen as more expensive than traditional tubs but as seen in 2021, more and more people have added these beautiful tubs to their bathrooms. Freestanding bathtubs offer a large variety of styles, in contrast, to drop-in bathtubs. Compared to traditional bathtubs, freestanding bathtubs are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. These include classic clawfoot, modern rectangular and oval designs, and a natural soaking tub. Consider adding a gorgeous free-standing tub into your next bathroom renovation.

free standing tub, soaker tub

Gorgeous Japandi Style

Japandi bathrooms combine Japanese design with Scandinavian style. This style combines a few core elements into its style and is quickly becoming a designer’s favorite. The design is clean and clear and quite minimal and uncluttered. Japandi is done well by combining light and dark contrasts in colour and texture. The Japandi trend is defiantly holding firm going into 2022.

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Brushed Tapware

These gorgeous finishes are very elegant and stylish, allowing them to bring in a bit of vibrancy and colour to your bathroom. Brushed brass, brushed nickel and gunmetal are popping up in so many bathroom designs this year and will continue to ride the wave in 2022.

brushed tapware, gold hardware, gold faucet, gold tapware

Statement Lighting

Lighting design throughout the home is essential to the desired atmosphere of a space and the bathroom should not be overlooked. Who said chandeliers aren’t welcome in the bathroom? Get creative when selecting your lighting of choice- and remember ceiling lights aren’t the only source of light required in the bathroom. Be sure to add ambient lighting as well. Your bathtub soaks will be that much more enjoyable!

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Curved Vanity

The curved nature of bathroom furniture eliminates hard edges and injects a soft, soothing element that aids in the creation of a cozy, chilled-out vibe. Curved vanities were defiantly trending this year and will continue to pop up in creative bathroom designs in 2022.

Curved vanity, small vanity, wood vanity
big vanity bathroom vanity

Curved Shower Door

One of the main advantages of curved glass is its sheer elegance. Clear curved shower doors not only bring elegance to your bathroom but add that clean contemporary look. We will definitely be seeing more of these beautiful works of art in 2022.

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Bathroom Trends for 2022

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