Say goodbye to these seven home design trends

Shiplap Fireplace

Shiplap appears on nearly every tv make-over show but is now quickly falling out of fashion. There are so many other ways to bring texture into your home, including different ways to frame your home fireplace.

Farmhouse Lighting

The farmhouse design started becoming a huge decorating trend back around 2015. The shabby chic/French country look, but which is also known as farmhouse style introduces rustic elements from the outdoors with reclaimed wood, vintage furniture, and a neutral colour palette. Cut to six years later, the trend has become quite dated and you are seeing less shiplap, barn doors, and farmhouse lighting.

Dark Floors

Dark floors are often associated with heavy, formal design – which is not what most people want in their homes today. The trend for dark wood has been slowly diminishing over the past decade, but now it’s time to say goodbye completely to it. Lighter, wider plank floors will continue to dominate designs in 2022.

Pampas Grass Decor

Luscious and wind-swept plumes of pampas grass have been trending for a while. Amidst the never-ending pandemic we couldn’t go out into the natural world, thus people were adding this versatile plant into beautiful arrangments in their homes. Fast-forward two years as we come out of the pandemic we will start to see people going back to adding more traditional plants- tropical plants, ferns, succulents to their homes and saying goodbye to the trendy pampas grass.

Chrome Finishes

The color is classic and traditional and can be seen in everything from lighting, to furniture legs to bathroom taps to hardware. Although we feel chrome will be back, it’s giving away to more natural materials like soft timber wood, marble and brass right now in modern design.

Barn Doors

Expert predictions suggest that instead of getting those trendy, horizontal barn doors when you finally finish renovating more and more people will be getting French doors, steel-framed doors, or pocket doors.

Flashy Backsplashes

Crazy colorful backsplashes were all the rage in the kitchen designs a couple of years ago. Interior design trends are moving away from over decorating your space and getting back to clean lines and simple backsplashes.

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